Currently Science-IT operates Triton cluster that is a versatile system with

  • 7000 CPU cores, 80+ Tflops
  • 12x servers with two M2090 GPU cards each
  • 2x 1TB servers for memory intensive research
  • Fast Inbiniband network
  • Specialized servers for Hadoop

Triton is connected to DDN SFA10k-Lustre storage filesystem with 400TB storage capacity available to end-users. Detailed information about Triton cluster, full text overview and usage guide is available at  Aalto wiki.

Usage model

Resources are allocated to users based on a stakeholder model. Each participating department will be given an agreed share of resources. This discussion will be carried out in the board of the Science-IT project. Based on this agreed share departments/units will cover the running expenses of the project. Furthermore each department is required to nominate a local support contact. This person will be the first contact point for local support.

For evaluation and testing purposes small amount of Science-IT resources can be opened without further responsibilities. See contact page for asking further information.