In Aalto University computational research is one of the focus areas. The Science-IT project was founded on 2009 to facilitate the needed infrastructure for high level computation research and it is lead from the School of Science. Many Centres of Excellence and departments in Aalto University are using provided resources with great success. There are currently about 200 users from three different schools and 14 different departments using the provided resources.

Collaboration in many levels is essential part of the Science-IT. Within this project we have good ties to CSC and other Finnish Universities. Finnish Grid Initiative is good example of collaboration where many Finnish Universities and CSC have obtained common IT-resources that are furthermore joined in a shared grid. From the grid these resources are available for the whole Finnish and pan-European research community.

In the Science-IT we concentrate on midrange computing and special resources needed by School of Science researchers. With local resources we can provide high quality support and even research project level customization.

Current research areas

  • Method development
  • Computational materials research
  • Network research
  • Neuroscience
  • Data mining