June 9-11, 2014, Scientific computing in practice: kickstart 2014

Following success of the SCiP kickstart 2013 we go for the three days HPC maraton in June 2014. This time, in addition to Triton user tutorial, Grid computing and CSC resources, you get to participate into Python for scientific computing and GPU computing parts. Details at Scientific computing in practice: kickstart 2014.

Vuori nodes migrated to FGI / Aalto

Former CSC’s cluster Vuori has moved to FGI, from Feb 2014 operated by Science IT support team at Aalto. Extra nodes available to the end users through FGI or locally.

New HP SL230s G8 compute nodes

Triton has got a full rack of 48x HP SL230 G8 compute nodes. Two 10-cores Ivy Bridge Xeon E5 2680 v2 CPU cores each. 24 nodes have 256GB of memory and the rest 64GB. Available to the end users since Jan 2014.

Hardware upgrade

Computing capacity will be extended during the autumn of 2013. This operation will not affect day-to-day usage of the Triton cluster.

June 10-12, 2013, Lecture: Scientific computing in practice

Three days of non-stop computing course oriented on new comers to fields of scientific computing at Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math or any else at Aalto University. Or those who needs an intensive intro into computational resources available to Aalto users. Covered topics: HPC basics, Triton practicalities, Condor, MPI programming, Matlab, Hadoop, GPU programming, CSC resources, Grid computing on FGI. See details at Scientific Computing in Practice: kickstart 2013