Accessing Triton

Triton is a high performance computing cluster dedicated to scientific computing at Aalto University.  Access, usage instructions, and technical information are available in the user guide at Triton Users Guide.

Triton, by the very nature of all high performance computing clusters, requires a fair skill at command line Linux.  Please see Scientific Computing in Practice for our upcoming training courses and our SciComp training page for self-study information on cluster usage.  All new Triton users should at least attend the Summer or Winter kickstart.  A “B” (see training page) level of proficiency is required for basic use, and users should strive to reach this level if not already there.  Our training page provides self-study materials.

A simpler way to use our resources is via Jupyter noteboks, an interactive, web-based method of computation.  This is suitable for light computation, but is a much gentler way to get started.  Jupyter Notebooks run within Triton itself and require Triton accounts.  For information, see our Jupyter page.

For general scientific computing information at Aalto, see the overall guide at