Scientific Data Analysis with Mathematica

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University.

Audience: Aalto employees and students looking for intensive intro into Mathematica package.

About the course: Wolfram Mathematica is a powerful tool for scientific research available at Aalto, however it has a steep learning curve for absolute beginners. Despite many believe it is only useful for symbolic calculus, Mathematica is also capable of dealing with numerics, and create visually clear and pleasing plots. The purpose of this tutorial is to ease the initial learning barrier and provide guidance through the features of the software that can be most commonly used in scientific data analysis.
The course will cover the basics of Mathematica syntax, working mechanics and basic functions, which will be used through examples and exercises to build more advanced toolboxes.

Lecturer: Filippo Federici, D. Sc., COMP/Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University

Time, date: all three lectures/exercises are in May 2016:

  • Thu 12.05, 14:00 – 16:00
  • Thu 19.05, 14:00 – 16:00
  • Thu 26.05, 14:00 – 16:00

Place: Otaniemi, Otakaari 1, Y342a (the IT room with Ubuntu Linuxes)

Cost: Free of charge for Aalto employees and students.

Registration: open for the registration (as of 12.5 a few free seats left)

Other comments: Y342a has 23 Ubuntu workstations. Though we do no limit number of participants, but first in, first served. There can be two persons per workstation if needed.

Additional course info at: filippo.federici -at- / ivan.degtyarenko -at-