Matlab course

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University.

Audience: Aalto employees and students.

About the course:

MATLAB is a high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numerical computation in general.  — The Mathworks Inc.

The goal of the course is to introduce the participants to the basics of the MATLAB computing environment, and give some insight into how it can be used in scientific computing. Additionally, topics involving writing efficient MATLAB code, such as vectorization, logical indexing and pre-allocation will be discussed.

Teaching will be interactive, “learning by doing”.


Place: Otakaari 1, NOKIA (the auditorium next to student’s HUB/cafeteria, also known as U135a)

Lectures: Heikki Apiola (Dos, Lecturer emeritus) and Juha Kuortti (Doctoral Candidate), both in Dept of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, SCI

Registration: link for registration

Cost: Free of charge for FGCI consortium members including Aalto employees and students.

No-show: If you registered but then it has happened so that you can’t attend the course, please let us know!

Course prerequisite requirements and other details:

  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptops with Matlab installed. For Aalto staff and students it is available at (Linux/Mac/Windows versions).

Course certificate: the course is not a part of official studying program, but we do provide participants with the course certificates. The course certificate will require 100% attendance plus homework. It corresponds roughly to 1 ECTS (i.e. 12 hours of lecturing plus homework).

Additional course info at: heikki.apiola -at- / juha.kuortti -at-

Additional material (e.g. data files and examples) will be published as the course progresses at the course home page

In order to get the 1 credit, complete and return 4 of these assignment.  Please return a published reports as well as the source files of your solutions by email to juha.kuortti ‘at’ and heikki.apiola ‘at’ We’ll discuss the deadlines in the class.