Seminar by CSC: Pouta cloud services

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University.

Audience: Wide audience at Aalto, everyone interested in the topic is welcome.

About the seminar:

The seminar is given by CSC – IT Center for Science (

CSC Pouta cloud services

The seminar focuses on the cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions provided by CSC. CSC’s clouds are based on the open source OpenStack software and allow running your own virtual machines, containers, clusters and other computing elements on top of CSC’s infrastructure. The cloud services are not limited to any particular field of science, and their users have full control of the operating system, application, network and storage stack via powerful programming APIs. Opening services to the public internet for additional integration is also possible. While initially launched with HPC (High Performance Computing) oriented hardware, the clouds are now expanding into other use cases with CPU oversubscription and different types of I/O options. As part of the presentation we go through the resource types available presently and in the short term future.

Lecturer: Jukka Nousiainen, Systems Specialist, CSC

About CSC – IT Center for Science.

Time, date: Tue May 31, 12-15

Place: Otaniemi, Otakaari 1, U1 (aka U154, first floor, next to M entrance)

Cost: Free of charge for Aalto employees and students.

Registration: feel free to join, let us know that you are comming

Additional info at: pekka.rasanen -at- / ivan.degtyarenko -at-